If an admin is no longer active, quits, or somehow leaves, there's a chance you can become an admin! There's a chance to become an admin, once the wiki gets more pages.

This is a waiting list, they are replacements in some way. To get on the list, you can nominate yourself, or a user can nominate you. 

There are currently no users on the waiting list.

There is a maxium of three users on the list. 

Rules to become an admin

  1. You have to follow ALL the policies.
  2. You must be on the site often. 
  3. You must be responsible, sensible and mature. 
  4. You must have been on for at least a month.
  5. You must have made over 100, good quality edits.
  6. You have to respect others and be helpful. 

These rules will change over time.  If you have a warning you can still be nominated as long as you do not continue to the thing you got a warning for.

Nominating a user

To nominate a user, you must have.. 

  1. At least be on the wiki for a week. 
  2. Made 50, good quality edits. 
  3. Write a small summary why then should become an admin. 
  4. Make sure the user you nominate has reached the qualifications to be an admin. 

The admins: PEDDIE 4ever, Liv2night, and HOA2012

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