General Information
Shipped Characters: KT Rush and Eddie Miller
Length of Relationship: Season 3 to Present
Status: Just Friends and nothing more ever
Rivals: Peddie
Other Pairing Names: E.T
Keddie (K/T and Eddie) is the friendship pairing of KT Rush and Eddie Miller. Keddie is a major rival of Peddie in Season 3. KT is new at the House and she was sent there to stop a great evil.

In Season 3, Eddie had a vision of KT talking to her grandpa, saying that she'll do anything to stop this great evil. Eddie notcies KT has the key from his daymare and asks her about it, she refuses to give him it but eventually trusts him and they team up to stop this. They gain a connection which Patricia gets jealous of. KT and Eddie have their moments and Patricia notices how much Eddie cares about her, making her jealous, even more.

However, Patricia has an awkward convesation with KT and tells her that "Eddie is her (KT's) number one fan." KT notices that she's jealous and assures Patricia, that she only likes Eddie as a friend. KT then trys to tell Eddie how Patricia really feels about him, but he mistakes what she said, thinking that she was talking about their relationship and tells KT that he only likes her (KT) as a friend. KT thinks that he knew she was talking about Patricia and not her, so she tells Patricia that he likes her just as a friend. KT then helps make Eddie jealous and makes Patricia go on a date with Jerome.  

Though some people ship Keddie, KT has said many times that she is NOT into Eddie that way... also Eddie is totally inlove with Patricia so it is most likely never going to happen *fewf*

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