General Information
Shipped Characters: Nina Martin and Eddie Miller
Length of Relationship: Season 2 to Unknown
Status: Friends
Rivals: Peddie
Other Pairing Names: Edina
Neddie  (N/ina and Eddieis the friendship pairing of Nina Martin and Eddie Miller. When Eddie first came she was one of the only people who were nice to him, probably because of how she was bullied by Patricia when she was "the new kid." She pretended to like him after she broke up with Fabian. Eddie is Nina's Osirion, or counterpart, and is supposed to be protect her and was rumored to begin the start of their relationship. In season 3 however, Nina did not return because the Chosen One and the Osirion has to be kept apart. Nina only tells Eddie.She has gave Eddie her locket. The two will no longer be a Peddie rival since Nina is not coming back.
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