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General Information
Shipped Characters: Patricia Williamson and Jerome Clarke
Status: Friends
Rivals: Peddie
Other Pairing Names: Jatricia

Patrome (Pat/ricia and Je/rome) is the pairing of Patricia Williamson and Jerome Clarke. In earlier episodes (Season 1), Patricia and Jerome were often partners in crime, which has led them to being relatively close friends. Jerome's nickname for Patricia is Trixie. Though their friendship is at times strained, Patricia and Jerome are sometimes willing to help each other and cut the other a break when others won't.

In the Season 3 episode, House of Possession / House of Greed, Patricia asks Jerome out on a date, and he accepts, but it was part of Patricia and KT's plan to make Eddie jealous.

In House of Deception Patrome go on the date. Eddie, at first, realised she was joking but she really wasn't. Jerome made a picnic with tuna sandwiches, which she hates. Jerome tells her that from the moment they met that she was the one and even though he dated Mara and Willow, she was always the one. Then he asked if he wanted a cupcake and she thought that he called her a "cupcake" and then finally cracked and told him the truth. Jerome seemed fine with this as he didn't like her anyway and knew she was only trying to make Eddie jealous. Jerome agreed to go on the date as he was just trying to prove a point to Mara. 

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