Welcome to the Peddie (Patricia and Eddie) Wiki!!!


Welcome to the Peddie (Patricia and Eddie) Wiki! This wiki is all about the love/hate relationship of the House of Anubis characters Patricia Williamson and Eddie Miller (Sweet) also known as Peddie. We hope you enjoy this wiki and learn more about the pairing Peddie!

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I knew you'd fall for me

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I Almost Do *Peddie*

I Almost Do *Peddie*

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Featured Moment

  • Patricia and Eddie are definitely un-happy about being partnered together for the Wonkey Donkey.
  • The two laugh when Amber and Alfie trip over each other.
  • Patricia asks Eddie why he looks amused and says that they haven't even tried walking yet.
  • Eddie trips Patricia up when she tries to get up.
  • He then offers her his hand and they practice walking together.
  • The two beat down the piñata together and smile at each other.


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