• When Patricia is distracted, Eddie and KT escape and she yells out "Hey!"
  • Patricia thanks KT for looking after Eddie when she was a sinner.
  • Patricia sees Eddie with his arm around KT and gets jealous.
  • Patricia told Eddie its ok if he'd rather be with KT than with her.
  • Eddie said okay.
  • This makes Patricia angry and jealous
  • Eddie laughs at her face and said that he was only joking.
  • Eddie says its her he wants to be with, always has and always will be.
  • Patricia said that it depends on weather he gives her the popcorn or not.
  • Eddie refuses because he stood in line for the popcorn.
  • She calls him Weasel face and he calls her Yacker.
  • They both smile at each other.
  • They kiss under the fireworks.
  • When they kiss, they both wear leather jackets, just like when they first kissed in House of Silence/House of Warnings.
  • Anubis House gather round for the grand finale and Eddie and Patricia, stand next to each other.
  • They hold each other close.