• Patricia
     hides from the Anubis house students to avoid Eddie.
  • When Eddie arrives at the house, he quickly leaves the room. Then Patricia walks in.
  • Joy says that Patricia took a trip to America over the summer.
  • Patricia says that their break-up was mutual. However, Eddies facial expressions tell other wise.        
  • Patrica goes awkward when he is mentioned.
  • When Eddie walks in all that they say to each other is "
  • Patricia says that "they split,' followed by Eddie saying that they are cool like popsicles, even though it appears they aren't.
  • When KT arrives and Eddie says "You're the girl from my dream" Patricia assumes he is hitting on her and says "Oh Please." in a jealous manner. 
  • Patricia seemed jealous of Eddie wanting to talk to KT so badly.
  • Patricia helps Fabian search Eddie's things.                                                  
  • When she sees an email she immediately asumes that Eddie had a summer romance with Nina.
  • She seems to be upset about it.