• Patricia and Eddie are definitely un-happy about being partnered together for the Wonkey Donkey.
  • The two laugh when Amber and Alfie trip over each other.
  • Patricia asks Eddie why he looks amused and says that they haven't even tried walking yet.
  • Eddie trips Patricia up when she tries to get up.
  • He then offers her his hand and they practice walking together.
  • The two beat down the piñata together and smile at each other.
  • Peddie(2)
    They win the Wonkey Donkey.
  • Patricia demands her half of the reward, saying that it was one thing that they could share.
  • When both of them have to clean up the remains of "Donkey Day," Patricia tells Eddie to get up and help clean up.
  • Eddie, by accident leaves a creamed carrot mark on Patricia's shirt.
  • She responds by calling him a doofus and then throwing creamed carrot at him, which stains his shirt.
  • Eddie l
    Peddie Smile
    ooks annoyed and says his was an accident.
  • Amber tells them to wait until she's far enough then once she leaves the two ensue in a huge creamed carrot food fight, during which they are laughing and smiling at each other.
  • When Eddie was making jokes in Sweetie's office, Patricia was laughing and smiling at Eddie.
  • The two are put on the Masked Ball Planning Committee together as a punishment.
  • Patricia admires Eddie's talent for getting out of trouble.
  • When Patricia leaves, Eddie watches her as she goes.