• 640px-Eddie and patricia
     Eddie and Patricia have the same taste in music.
  • When Eddie was talking about how he doesn't like dances, Patricia is listening to him whilst smiling. She then realises she is smiling and insults him.
  • While Patricia got up and left, Eddie was seen smiling at her. 
  • Patricia asks Eddie what is so funny, and he answers with, "Your face, funny face," when setting up for the dance.
  • After an annoyed Patricia leaves, Eddie is again seen smiling at her.
  • Nina asks Eddie if he wants to sit by her at breakfast to get Fabian jealous and mad, to which he does, and Patricia is visibly annoyed and mad.
  • Patricia tries to give reasons for Nina to not let Eddie sit by her.
  • Joy asks Patricia to chaperone Eddie to the dance, with Patricia responding "Because I just love spending time with him" in
     sarcasm. However, she doesn't deny it.
  • Eddie was listening to Joy and Patricia behind the curtain, and came out to talk to Patricia after Joy left.
  • He jokingly says he is offended that she doesn't like spending time with him.