• [[Eddie Miller|
    Eddie]] feels hurt because he thinks Patricia is avoiding him.
    Peddie 04
  • He thinks that Patricia is secretly dating someone else and follows the Sibuna gang when they go to the barn to rescue Jerome.
  • Patricia is shocked and worried when her and Alfie find Eddie in the barn instead of Jerome.
  • Patricia walks Eddie out of the barn and to Anubis house.
  • Patricia tells Eddie about Rufus.
  • Eddie shows P
    Tumblr m102j4Zez41r2afhb
    atricia the gem Jerome gave him.
  • Patricia followed Eddie when he ran to the library.
  • Patricia asked Eddie how he knew what to say to banish Senkhara.
  • Eddie said he doesn't know and said it was cool while Patricia smiled and agreed.
  • At the house party Patricia comes over to Eddie and his dad.
  • Patricia took Eddie's hand and led him to go dance with the other people on the 'dance floor'.
  • Both Eddie and Patricia were smiling at each other while they were dancing and having fun with the rest of their friends.
  • When Nina and Fabian kiss, they run in to hug them.
  • While Patricia is leaning on Fabian, Eddie is holding onto Patricia's shoulder.
  • When they are hugging Eddie is smiling at Patricia.