• Patrica says Eddie's good at getting detention and they both smile at each other.
  • She stands next to Eddie when they are watching KT on the hidden cameras.
  • Eddie puts his arm around Patricia when they were walking back to the house.
  • Patricia looks jealous as KT and Eddie hug.
  • Eddie makes Patricia stay behind when the others go in the crypt, telling her that if something happened he needed someone outside that he could trust.
  • Eddie gently touched her arm as he was saying this.
  • She smiled when he said this.
  • Patricia tells KT that she's not jealous of KT and Eddie but she is lying.
  • After KT says she doesn't like Eddie as more than friends, Patricia admits that she is into Eddie.
  • She asks KT to see what Eddie feels about her. 
  • She asks Jerome out on a date because KT says it will make Eddie jealous.

    Peddie ;)