• While Patricia climbs the ladder, Eddie holds it.
  • Eddie purposely shakes the ladder, causing Patricia to fall from the ladder.
  • He catches her and gazes into her eyes, to which she replies "Get your hands of me Slimeball!"
  • Eddie replies "Sure thing" and drops her, annoying Patricia.
  • After Eddie teased Fabian, Patricia indirectly calls him a chump.
  • Eddie looks annoyed and mocks her.
  • Before the ball, Eddie offered to rub Patricia's wrist as it was hurting her. Though she complained at first, Patricia soon gave in.
  • Patricia had a little smile playing on her lips while she watched Eddie rub her wrist.
  • Eddie smiled as she left.
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  • To see Patricia's reaction to the "mix up", Eddie was hiding behind his mask.
  • Eddie and Patricia spent most of the dance together, event though she was mad at him for switching the bands.
  • Much to Eddie's suprise, Patricia takes the blame for the prank he pulled.
  • Eddie had a worried look on his face when Victor called Patricia over to yell at her about the band.