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    When Patricia walked in the dining room, she started smiling when she saw Eddie by the kitchen window.
  • Eddie was smiling back and winked at Patricia when he saw her enter the room.
  • After Fabian made fun of Eddie for listening to heavy metal music, Patricia stood up for him by saying that he was the only one around with any good taste in music.
  • As everyone was shocked at her comment, Eddie was sitting there smiling back at her.
  • After getting over his shock, Alfie told Eddie that he was good, meaning that he was good at making Patricia fall for him.
  • When Alfie said that to Eddie, Eddie looked worried while Patricia kept asking what Alfie was talking about.
  • Eddie looked sad after Jerome told her that the dance was just a bet.
  • Eddie mutters that he's "good at messing things up" when Patricia becomes angry with him.
  • After that, Patricia dumped milk on Eddie's head and walked away, looking angry while Eddie looked like he knew he deserved it.
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    When Patricia gave Eddie the chocolates for revenge, he told that he was sorry for the bet and that he would have asked her to dance without the bet.
  • Joy asked Patricia if "the fish took the bait," and Patricia nodded right before she sighed and looked sad.