• Eddie saw Patricia and went over to go talk to her.
  • Eddie said he was sorry for not telling her about his dad and that he should have trusted her with the secret.
  • He told Patricia that he cared for what she thought.
  • Patricia looked sad when Eddie walked away and trully wanted to say something but couldn't.
  • Eddie went to Patricia's room and said that it was his last attempt.
  • He told her that he liked her and that he was really sorry. He also says What else do I have to do to get a reaction?!
  • Patricia kisses Eddie to show him that she likes him back because she couldn't talk.
  • Eddie was happy. He said that the kiss will work for a reaction.
  • Eddie and Patricia were about to kiss again but Joy walks in, interupting them.
  • Eddie felt happy because now he knew why Paricia didn't talk to him.
  • Patricia was
    Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 10.30.41PM
     worried for a little while, but then a smile appeared on her face.