• The two first meet when Patricia is tripped by Eddie's feet while he naps on the sofa in the Drama classroom.
  • Patricia insults
    Peddie 1st meeting
    Eddie and the two begin a big argument, making fun of each other with stereotypes.
  • Eddie calls her Hermione.
  • Patrica responds to this by saying, "Great that's just what we need! Another patronizing American, whose only reference to the UK is Harry Potter!"
  • Eddie calls Patricia "Yacker" for the first time.
  • As Patricia and Joy walk away from Eddie, Joy says that he was pretty cute to which Patricia rolls her eyes at the comment.
  • When Eddie first arrives at Anubis House, he smiles when he sees Patricia sitting alone on the couch using her laptop.
  • Patricia isn't happy seeing Eddie is going to reside at Anubis House.
  • Eddie askes for her name and tells her his.
  • Eddie laughs at Patricia when she called him Eddie Kreuger.
  • The next morning, Eddie walks to the table very lonesome as Patricia seems pleased and grins at this.
  • Jerome partners them up for the Wonkey Donkey Day.
  • They both seemed surprised when the
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    y are paired up.
  • Patricia gets jealous when he sits with Nina.

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